First time applying for a position with us?

Are you new to Medical Temporaries? Are you unsure of the steps you need to take in order to apply? Don’t fret! This blog is perfect for you!

Let’s start with what should become your best friend, our website! The “Career Opportunities” tab is where you will go to look at our open positions. You are able to search the open positions by job title or location. You can click on each position to read the requirements, rate, and hours as well as a job description, and the best part is you are able to apply directly through our website!

If you meet the requirements for the position, one of our staffing specialists will reach out to set up a virtual interview with you!!

Before we can move forward with the interview, we do ask each candidate to complete application documents. The application documents must be completed prior to your scheduled interview time! If you do not complete the application documents, we will be unable to conduct the virtual interview.

Our application documents are 4 pages long. The first page asks for previous employers, the second asks for professional references, and the third and fourth page are signatures. Make sure not to hit the submit button until you have finished signing the fourth page!

The next step is the virtual interview! They usually run between 20-30 minutes long and we ask that you have a photo ID available at the start of your virtual interview that you can show your staffing specialist through your webcam.

If for any reason you will be unable to make your scheduled interview time or if you need to reschedule please give the office a call (757) 491-7766. We would be more than happy to reschedule your interview!!

Interview Etiquette

We have all been taught from a young age to use good manners, whether we were in a restaurant or sitting in a classroom. Good manners should always be practiced, no if’s, and’s, or but’s. That rule stands true for interviews as well! Here are 2 interview etiquette reminders!

Dress to impress! Dress professionally and appropriately, even if it is a virtual interview. If your interviewer showed up in a t-shirt and sweatpants, what would your initial thought be? They aren’t taking this interview seriously, or they do not care enough about the interview to put forth effort to look presentable. Now if that is how you, the interviewee feels, imagine what the interviewer is thinking when a candidate shows up not looking put together, it is not a good first impression, is it?

Communication, communication, communication! One of the biggest frustrations for an interviewer is when their interviewee does not show up to the interview. In todays world of technology, it is easier than ever to communicate with each other via phone, email, or text. Unfortunately, we still run into the problem of people not communicating with us. If you are unable to make your interview time, or need to reschedule call the office or if you are unable to call the office email your interviewer and let them know. We understand that life happens and unexpected situations can pop-up suddenly, we are happy to reschedule your interview to a time that works best for you. If your interviewer does not hear from you, it leaves them thinking that you just did not care enough about the interview to show up or call to say you are no longer interested. If you have found another job opportunity and are no longer interested in interviewing you should reach out to your interviewer and thank them for the opportunity and let them know you have accepted another offer/are no longer available. We will wish you luck on your new endeavor and thank you for taking the time to let us know you will not be available to interview.

Quick Reminder!

Medical Temporaries/Allstaff Pros is your employer, any absences or anticipated tardiness must be reported by calling before your scheduled work time.

Continue calling until you are able to speak to someone at the agency either by calling our office (757) 491-7766 or one of our on call cell numbers.
Calling the site directly or just leaving a message is not sufficient. If you are requesting approved time off, you must also obtain approval from Medical Temporaries/Allstaff Pros with reasonable notice. The client will be contacted for approval. It may be necessary to provide documentation regarding missed work.

Employees are required to call Medical Temporaries, Inc. regarding the following:

  • If you are available for work or your availability has changed you must call in monthly
  • Are sick and can’t go to work or need to leave work for an emergency or are putting in a request for approved time off.
  • Have any problem, which will result in tardiness
  • Want to resign, as a 2-week notice is required
  • Have problems or concerns that might affect the ability to perform job duties
  • Have an injury/illness on the job
  • Are offered a long-term position at the current assignment
  • Have been instructed by the direct supervisor on site of changes in your assignment
  • If your timesheet reporting is delayed or you have a problem with your paycheck
  • Have any changes of name, licensure, address, tax withholding, phone numbers, or to resume or work history or any reprimand or change in licensure.

Happy New Year!

With 2020 coming to a close, only a few more comments remain about this past year before packing it up and moving forward. The idea is not to forget this past year but, instead, to acknowledge the valuable lessons we have learned and leave any negativity behind ! No one can say this past year was easy, normal, or predictable but the lessons it has taught us are invaluable. We are resilient, and we will adapt and overcome! It has taught us to think outside the box and find ways to make things “work” when no one thought it was possible. We have all learned to adapt to the ever changing world around us and, as the world heals from a pandemic, we are picking ourselves up by our bootstraps, dusting ourselves off and getting ready for everything this New Year has to offer. Our Medical Temporaries team wants to thank you for all of your hard work and dedication this past year.

We have made it! 2021 has arrived and we are ready to tackle the challenges and opportunities it will bring. This is a year for growth, and new opportunities both as individuals and professionally. The start of the new year is the perfect time to create a sound foundation that will foster positivity and productivity throughout the year. Starting the year off with a positive mindset allows you to grow from any challenges you will, no doubt, face rather than crumble under the pressure. If we can change the narrative around challenges from being a negative experience to a positive learning experience then we are already 10 steps ahead. If every time we face a challenge we think only about how hard it will be to overcome, we will gain nothing from the experience. Instead, we will struggle through the roadblock with frustration and may eventually walk away not having learned anything. The negative portrayal of the situation becomes our reality and will have been a waste of time. But, if we approach said challenge with the mindset of what we can learn from this, there is bound to be a more productive outcome. If we can learn from the roadblocks we encounter then they are not a waste of time but, instead, they become a learning opportunity that allows us to apply our new wisdom in future situations.

The entire Medical Temporaries team wishes you a Happy New Year! May this year be a blessing to you and your family!

Holiday Fun!

This Holiday season is going to look different, no question about it, but it can still be fun and full of holiday spirit. Here are a few activities that we can all partake in to celebrate the holidays while still remaining safe. There is no reason to feel alone this holiday season, we must overcome and adapt and take our old traditions and tweak them ever so slightly so we are following COVID regulations and staying safe!

Bake cookies with family over FaceTime or Zoom

Baking Christmas cookies is one of my favorite holiday traditions! Who doesn’t love a good holiday cookie? Invite family and friends to a virtual cookie baking and decorating party! You can even make it a friendly competition and see who has the best decorated holiday cookies. Everyone is staying safe but also spending quality time together, even if it is over zoom or Facetime. We can still make lasting memories and enjoy our holiday traditions with family and friends, it will just be virtual!

Virtual Holiday Dinner Party

Host a virtual dinner party. It’s fun, easy, and safe! No need to cook for a whole house of people, you just have to cook for yourself. You still get to enjoy the company of others without the work. It allows you to safely socialize and enjoy each other’s presence this holiday season without having to leave your house. That is what the holiday season is all about, spending quality time with those you love.

Drive Thru Christmas Displays

Christmas lights are one of the highlights of the holiday season! Everyone can enjoy the beauty that Christmas displays bring. A great evening activity is driving around and looking at the Christmas displays others have put up. Some places have drive-through Christmas light shows where you get to stay in the safety and comfort of your warm car and look at the beautiful lights! If there are no drive through Christmas displays near you, check out social media as there are bound to be friends posting about neighborhoods that have decorated for the holiday season. Make a special outing to enjoy these lights on display!

The Classic- Watch Christmas Movies

This is a classic, and a staple in most homes for the holiday season. Dedicate a night to cuddling up on the couch and watching the classic Christmas movies. Make some hot chocolate, throw in a few, or more than a few, marshmallows and grab your softest blanket and get comfy! Make it a movie marathon, holiday edition!

Drop food off for your neighbors

The holidays are all about sharing and helping others. Spend the time you are “stuck inside” and be productive! Make a few of your favorite holiday meals and package them up and deliver them to neighbors, make sure to take any precautions necessary to keep both parties safe. You can leave the packaged meals on your neighbors door step and they can pick it up after you have left. If you are not much of a cook, you can always donate pantry items or canned food to a local homeless shelter or food pantry in your area.

There are plenty of things we can still do this holiday season. We will not let COVID take away our holiday spirit. It takes some flexibility and creativity but let’s make this holiday season one to remember, not because of the pandemic, but because of the traditions, new and old! Medical Temporaries wishes you Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!!

Happy Holidays

While we sip on our hot chocolate or apple cider during our virtual holiday parties this year, take a look at the faces of those who have made it through 2020 with you. The faces of those who have managed all the hurdles, set backs, and unimaginable events, and who are still by your side celebrating. This isn’t the end of the COVID pandemic but it is the start of a new year filled where overcoming, adapting, and making the best of our new “normal” is a triumph and where promise still lies ahead. 

For some, the holiday season is dreaded, not because of the season itself but because of the added stress that shopping for presents and decorating the house brings to our, already, hectic lives. Others, on the other hand, will start counting down to the next holiday before they have time to put away this year’s decorations. No matter what type of holiday celebrator you are, we can all agree on one thing. This holiday season is going to look a bit different than those in years past. Our annual holiday parties are becoming virtual and the normal crowd on Christmas Day is probably going to be smaller than usual. While it is very easy to look at the world’s current situation and be upset with how different our holiday traditions might look this year, let’s make a vow to make this holiday season one to remember. Not because of COVID, travel restrictions, or quarantines, but because of the holiday cheer we can all spread this season. A small act of kindness is very impactful, especially after a year like 2020, and it takes almost no time to do. Imagine the cheer that can be spread if everyone took part in doing small acts of kindness throughout the month! The holidays are a time to give, put a smile on someone’s face and see the pure joy that kindness creates. We could all use a little extra kindness in this world, and each of us can take the first step.

Together let’s make this world a little less crazy this holiday season and let’s focus on spreading the holiday cheer! It is time to come together and lift each other up. After all, isn’t that the spirit of the holiday season! 
Here are a few simple ways to spread cheer:

  • Buy coffee for the person behind you at the drive through
  • Throw your spare change in the donation bucket at the grocery store
  • Buy a toy and donate it
  • Volunteer one weekend at a food bank or shelter
  • Send a Holiday card to a friend you haven’t talked to in awhile
  • Smile and say hello when you walk past someone
  • Leave a nice tip or tip your delivery driver a few extra dollars
  • Have food delivered to a friend you know needs a pick me up
  • Give your coworker a compliment
  • Bake cookies for your neighbor 
  • Give someone a call to check in on them rather than text them 

Staying Motivated!

With the cold weather slowly approaching, we all start to frantically pull out our fuzzy socks, cozy sweaters, and stretchy pants. We start getting ourselves ready for “hibernation mode”. Cold weather means staying inside, bundling up with comfy blankets, and drinking copious amounts of hot chocolate, with an abundance of marshmallows. Getting out of bed in the morning becomes more and more difficult as the temperature drops. Who enjoys getting out of a warm bed, to step on an icy cold floor to take a hot shower to then be forced to brace the bitter cold to get to work? I will answer that question for you…. no one! While the cold weather does bring great fashion, ultimate comfort clothes, and delicious hot beverages, it does NOT bring motivation.

Practice gratitude

Many believe the winter months are not a productive time, and some believe it can be a waste, but that is exactly the mindset that we need to focus on changing! If you read our last blog post about gratitude, you know that we need to practice seeing the positive aspects of the cards we are dealt, and cold weather happens to be one of those cards. Instead of dreading the “unproductive season” and wishing for it to end, let’s be thankful for what we have during this time. For example, in the winter you don’t have to mow your grass, you get to eat comfort food, you can enjoy winter exclusive activities, and you have a warm place to sleep at night. Appreciating all the gifts one is blessed with during the winter months might even encourage us to help those who are not as fortunate. While we get to sleep in our warm and comfy beds this winter, there are many people that are not fortunate enough to have the same comforts. Take a second to recognize how much we have to be grateful for and then consider doing something to helps others. A grateful attitude is the first step in staying motivated and productive throughout the colder months. And, a grateful attitude can help us avoid becoming a victim of the bitter, cold weather.

Spend time outside

Unfortunately, our lives do not stop for the colder months, we have to keep living. We can’t stay at home all day in the warmth of our bed, we still have to go to work and be productive. This means continuing our fitness routine, maintaining a balanced diet, staying focused and getting involved! This is much easier said than done, when it feels like it is negative thirty degrees outside and all you want to do is eat junk food and watch Netflix. Productivity and motivation tend to be low on the priority list when the cold sets in. And, while staying warm is usually the goal during the winter months, here is a counterintuitive piece of advice, be sure to spend more time outside in the bitter cold. Spending time in the fresh air is beneficial for our physical and mental health. Take advantage of all the sunny days we are given. Take the dogs on a nice walk, go to the park and read a book while sitting in the sun. Go on a jog. These small outings will help lessen the feeling of isolation winter months can bring. Spending a day outside can be especially important for those people who become vitamin D deficient due to lack of sunlight. When a beautiful sunny day presents itself, make it a point to spend some time outside!

Eat a balanced diet

It is very easy to pack on the pounds during the colder months, because, if we are honest here, who doesn’t love eating hardy comfort food when its cold outside? We must make a conscious effort to eat a balanced diet. We can certainly enjoy our comfort foods but use portion control when we do. We need to follow a nutrient-rich diet, that includes fruits and vegetables! We can also adapt and make new recipes that are lighter, healthier versions of classic comfort foods that we all know and love. All the taste with no guilt! When we eat better, our bodies feel better. It is all about balance!


Start a new work-out routine! The gym is an option but not a must! You can do at-home workouts, and don’t use not having weights as an excuse! You can use household objects in place of dumbbells! Your workouts don’t have to be intense training sessions, they just need to be something to get your body moving. Invest in warm workout gear so you can brave the elements. Working out is a mood booster. When you work out your body releases endorphins which increase your feeling of happiness; it also reduces hormones that produce anxiety and stress. It is also great for your mental health; it allows you to escape your everyday routine and focus all of your energy and thoughts into your workout. Getting a workout partner is a great way to keep yourself motivated. It is hard to stay in bed when you have your friend sitting outside waiting for you. You can both motivate each other and hold each other accountable to stay on track.

Keep yourself busy

Keep yourself busy and get involved. Take this time to take up a new hobby or learn a new skill. Find something you have always wanted to learn and take a deep dive into it. There are so many new things you can learn: knitting, painting, or cooking. There are so many online classes you can sign up for, or teach yourself! You can join a Facebook group or watch YouTube videos, or pick up a book at your local bookstore. Starting a new project makes your time spent inside feel much more productive than sitting on the couch watching TV.


Last, but certainly not least, there is self-care! Self-care is taking a second for yourself, and finding something to do that you enjoy. For example, listening to your favorite sports podcast, drinking some hot chocolate, taking a warm bubble bath, getting a massage, or taking a nature walk. In this busy life of ours we forget to take a break and treat ourselves! Try to disconnect from technology for a little bit, snuggle up on the couch with your pets or grab a good book and just “unplug”. Doing some light stretching or meditating are also great self care activities. Practicing self-care will allow you to thrive this winter… not just survive!

Thank you!

The team at Medical Temporaries wants to thank you for your loyalty, hard work, and drive to do things right! We are so proud to call you an employee of Medical Temporaries. Especially during these trying times, your dedication to providing the best service you can, day in and day out, has not gone unnoticed.

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, the smell of pumpkin spice, the colors of the changing leaves, and the cold weather tend to awaken an attitude of gratitude in all of us. “Gratitude” is such a meaningful word, and as we sit around the dinner table or the computer screen during the Thanksgiving season, it seems to get thrown around more than a hot potato! Yet, it seems the moment the last slice of turkey has been eaten and Uncle Joe has enjoyed his 3rd slice of pie, “gratitude” tends to quickly fall from top of mind for many. Instead, everyone is focused on what big ticket item is finally going on sale on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Is gratitude really an emotion we are supposed to express only one day a year?

Gratitude is not temporary like a season. It is not an emotion you pull out for Thanksgiving dinner and then store back into the attic for next year. There are so many amazing opportunities, interactions, and experiences we have every single day that command a feeling of gratitude but go completely unnoticed. Why is that? Is it because we are too lazy to stop and appreciate what we have? Is it because we are so focused on our next step that we are unable to slow down and appreciate what we have in the here and now? We should practice gratitude daily! Regardless of our situation, there is always something to be grateful for. When living in this fast paced world it is very easy to lose track of all the blessings we have, and it is even easier to focus on what we lack rather than what we are fortunate to have.

Gratitude is not just an emotion we should express daily in our personal lives, we should express gratitude in our professional lives as well. Think of a day at work where you have received absolutely no help from anyone. Trying to find a day where you were working alone may not be as easy as you think. Our coworkers might have picked up some papers we dropped, answered a phone while we were getting coffee, or walked something back to the kitchen for us. Imagine a day where no one helped you with the “little things.” Your day just became more hectic, did it not? Rarely do we think to express our gratitude for those that work around us. Yes, we all get paid to sit at our desk and do our job, but that does not mean we shouldn’t be thanked for our efforts and hard work. Think about your work environment. If you felt your work was not appreciated or went unnoticed, how likely would you be to want to be productive? We want to know that the effort we put into our job is noticed and appreciated. When someone stops to help you with a task, they are taking time away from their job to help you. Showing that you are grateful for their help, no matter how small the task was, spreads positivity in the workplace and makes that person far more likely to help you in the future. Showing gratitude in the work place makes the work environment so much more enjoyable, there is mutual respect for all that work there because everyone’s efforts are appreciated.

You can start off your morning in a positive light before even getting out of bed by listing the things you are grateful for. It is simple and only takes a few minutes, but it reminds us how much we have to be grateful for. It allows us to start off the day on a positive note, making it easier to carry that positivity into the rest of the day. When you come from a place of abundance, gratitude, and positivity, that is what you will see in the world around you. During your busy work day take 5 minutes at your lunch break to make a mental list of what or who you are grateful for that day, and if one of your coworkers appears on that list, tell them! This list helps to remind us how lucky we are and allows us to see the world from a positive perspective, and equally as important, to share that positivity with those around us.

You can download and print this gratitude list as a daily reminder to practice gratitude!

Virtual Interviews

During this uncertain time of COVID, much has changed in both our personal and professional lives. Wearing a mask and socially distancing has become a part of our daily routine. In an effort to stay safe and healthy, almost everything has become a virtual experience. From concerts to business conventions, the new protocol is to rely on the internet to ensure the safety and wellbeing of participants. Interviewing is no different! Virtual Interviews are more prominent now than ever before. Unfortunately, for many companies, candidates are having difficulty with this transition. Virtual Interviews are just as important as face-to-face interviews and should be treated as such. Today’s discussion will include tips for acing your virtual interview!

Virtual interviews are just as important as in-person interviews and should be prepared for in the same manner. Being over-prepared for an interview is nearly impossible, yet, being underprepared can be a common occurrence. Showing up to an interview underprepared reflects poorly on a candidate. It says to the interviewer that, on some level, the candidate is either not interested in the position or in the company as a whole. If a candidate is disinterested and lacking enthusiasm on the first meeting what does this mean for his or her future with the company?

Prepare for the interview. Show the interviewer you are excited about the position and the company. Visit the company’s website and read about it. What is its mission and vision statement, do the company’s goals align with your career goals? Create a list of questions to ask your interviewer:

  • What is the company culture?
  • What is the dress policy?
  • What is the device policy?
  • Tell me a little more about the history of the company?

An interview should be a two sided conversation, where both parties take turns asking and answering questions. This is your opportunity to learn everything you need to know about the company.

The next important part of preparing for your virtual interview is finding a good spot to set up your computer or phone. You should find a spot, preferably a room with few distractions. You want the interviewer’s attention to be on you and what you have to bring to the table, not your barking dog in the background or on your roommate’s conversation in the other room. Be sure the spot you choose has good lighting so the interviewer can see you.

One you are in the perfect spot, take a few minutes to get comfortable with the platform you are going to use for the virtual interview. Make sure you know how to log in prior to your interview. Make sure you download or update anything that you need so your virtual interview can run as smoothly as possible.

Lastly, log in a few minutes before the start of the interview. You never want to have your interviewer waiting on you. Instead, you want to be ready to hit the ground running when your interviewer connects.

Rule of thumb: always dress up if you are unsure what the attire is. DO NOT dress down. Business professional is usually what most companies are looking for. An interviewer will never make a negative note if you are “over-dressed” but he or she will most definitely take note if you are “underdressed”. Your interviewer is looking for a presentable, and well-dressed candidate. Dressing for the part gets one in the right mindset, and it shows! Confidence is key, and during a virtual interview one always wants to present the best version of his or herself. If you have to question whether or not your outfit is appropriate, you should not wear it to your virtual interview. Resist the urge to dress more causally or relaxed because you are in your own home and the interview is being conducted virtually. Dress the same way you would dress if you were interviewing in person.

Practice sitting in front of the computer as if you were in the interview. Think about what kind of questions your interviewer will ask you and practice how you would answer. This does not mean create a script and read off of it, you want to be natural and respond honestly to all questions. Practicing will allow you to get some of those jitters out before you interview. It allows you think about your answer without the pressure of someone waiting for your response. Practicing will also allow the conversation to run more smoothly because you are not concerned about what the next question will be or how you want to answer since you have already thought about it in advance.

Lastly, be yourself! You want to be authentic and true to who you are and let that show. Have fun with the virtual interview, show who you are, not just what you are capable of doing. Interviewers want a candidate who is both knowledgeable and has personality. However, remember, being yourself does not mean slacking off on professionalism. You still must remain professional even if you are sitting in your living room. Let your personality shine, stay professional, and have fun!

Emotional Intelligence

In simple terms, emotional intelligence is your ability to control your emotions, understand the emotions of others, and react appropriately to those emotions. Emotional Intelligence is such an important skill but is often overlooked. When people hear emotional intelligence they think it means being “soft” and “mushy”, which could not be further from the truth, it is a multi-faceted skill that is extremely important in whichever field you work in. Employers are looking for employees who are both knowledgeable as well as emotionally intelligent. You may be asking yourself why is an employer interested in my emotional intelligence? Emotional intelligence is fundamental for creating and maintaining relationships, effectively communicating with others, and ensuring productivity. In short, an employee with strong emotional abilities is often a more well–rounded individual. When hiring and promoting, employers look for individuals who are both knowledgeable and have the ability to lead. This means the employee can manage stressful situations, connect and relate with peers and communicate effectively.

One is not born with high emotional intelligence, rather you develop this through actively using and practicing emotional intelligence skills. Strengthening one’s emotional awareness is not just beneficial for a professional life, but it also adds a valuable component to a personal life. It allows you to communicate your thoughts clearly to others, in spite of emotions you may be feeling, allowing you to build and maintain strong relationships. Emotional Intelligence is composed of five elements: motivation, social skills, empathy, self-awareness, and self-regulation.


  • self-motivation, one completes tasks and strives to reach goals for personal accomplishment not because one was told to do so. One jumps on any opportunity and is ready to give 100% no matter the task.

Social Skills

  • Communication: effectively communicate with others, participate in active listening
  • Leadership: the ability to inspire and lead others, whether that be through day-to-day operations or a major company change.
  • Relationship management: the ability to build and maintain relationships through open and honest communication. You nurture and foster relationships and care about each members thoughts and feelings.
  • Conflict management: ability to diffuse conflict or disagreements in a professional manner, through effective communication, leading to an agreement.


  • Understanding those around us, understanding their emotions, concerns, and whether or not they are comfortable in their social situation. The key to empathy is being in tune with others, putting yourself in their shoes and trying to understand their perspective


  • Understanding your emotions and how they affect you and your decision making. It is also defined as how you come across to others. Being self-aware means you know how you react in certain situations, and what causes you to react.

Self-Regulation or Self-Management

  • The ability to control your emotions, take responsibility, and be accountable. It includes being able to adapt and handle changing circumstances appropriately.

Exercises to strengthen your emotional intelligence

  • Practice taking a few moments before reacting. You want to acknowledge the emotions you are experiencing so you can effectively communicate them, not allow them to control your actions, so as to avoid an impulsive reaction.
  • When communicating, be open and transparent. Showing transparency and being honest with others builds trust; trust is fundamental to building relationships.
  • The moment you start to experience a negative emotion, take a step back. Collect your thoughts and analyze your emotions. Try and fully experience the situation from the other persons perspective.
  • Understand your weaknesses and your strengths, be honest with yourself about your capabilities.
  • Ask for feedback- hearing feedback from your peers will help you strengthen your self-awareness.
  • Practice active listening- this means both listen to the words they are speaking and watch their body language. When engaged in active listening you are giving 100% of your attention to the speaker, shutting down whatever thoughts you might have running through your head, and focusing on their message.

Emotional intelligence is like a muscle, it does not develop and strengthen overnight. It takes implementing these practices in your everyday routine to develop strong emotional intelligence.