4 Strategies to Enjoy Greater Job Engagement

We know job engagement matters. Research shows that higher engagement impacts a plethora of positive outcomes including individual job performance and team effectiveness as well as customer satisfaction ratings.

 “When you feel engaged at work, you’re energized, focused, and motivated to do better. And that energy spreads – you’re a joy to be around! And not just for your co-workers, but also your family and the coffee shop baristas. Everyone benefits from the ripple effect of engagement.” reminds Ashleigh Brown.

We also know lower engagement is associated with less appealing outcomes such as increased turnover, absenteeism, lowered productivity, and stress.

When you’ve lost that “lovin’ feelin’” about your job, the effects can be widespread, seeping into the rest of your life as well. While everyone struggles with a bit of job discontent on occasion, a pro-active approach can nip negative feelings in the bud and restore a healthy level of engagement.

  1. Take a break

When was the last time you took a vacation or even a long weekend away? Hard-working, conscientious employees often find it difficult to take time off. But vacations are essential for recharging one’s battery. Even a short break from the day-to-day routine can invigorate both your mind and body.

  1. Take care of yourself

 Engagement on the job requires focus and energy, ingredients that take a hit when we don’t get enough sleep, are careless about our diets, and neglect to find ways to blow off steam. Prioritize time to get adequate rest, prepare and eat nutritious meals, and hit the gym for a workout. Seek counseling for nagging personal or family issues that, when neglected, will sap motivation and interest from all other areas of your life.

  1. Speak up

Talk to your supervisor about what will help you become more engaged so that you can perform at your best.

“Don’t be afraid to open up a conversation about work you’d like to do more of, explore, or cut out,” says Joy Lin, coach and founder of Quarter Life Joy. “Focus the conversation on solutions and ways you could be an asset while also increasing your engagement level.”

Maybe your knowledge and experience could benefit the new hires in the department in the form of leading a workshop, teaching a course, or via a mentoring relationship. Seeking a challenge that will spark enthusiasm and send boredom back into hiding can be the key to reviving engagement.

  1. Build relationships with co-workers

Busy lives tend to limit connecting with those who are outside of our immediate family. But forming relationships with co-workers, often molded around shared hobbies, sports, or the ages of your children, bring joy and satisfaction that spills over into the time spent on the job together.

At Medical Temporaries, Inc., we’re always on the lookout for engaged, enthusiastic clinical and clerical healthcare workers to staff the many leading medical facilities in the greater Hampton Roads area. Get with our team of staffing specialists about finding a right-fit job for your unique skill set.



Published by Medical Temporararies, Inc.

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