7 Tips for Healthier Easter Baskets

As the second sweetest holiday, Easter is a likely a first taste-of-candy-culprit for many a youngster, when they discover a hidden basket of goodies on Easter morning. Because attempts to revamp the candy-laden contents of the traditional Easter basket have proven unpopular, most parents simply turn a blind eye and allow the once-a-year indulgence.

While a no-candy basket would leave Mom and Dad in the doghouse for sure, why not give the revamp another go? There are healthier options that will still bring a smile to their little faces. Sure, some of these take prep time, but with the extra time at home right now, this is a great way to use it.

Chocolate covered fruit

Don’t even think of skipping the chocolate altogether. Instead, give it a healthy kick, wrapped around fresh fruit. Dip whole strawberries, grapes, and banana slices in melted chocolate. Or, for a less chocolatey approach, simply drizzle melted chocolate over the pieces of fruit. For an added crunchy touch, roll the fruit in chopped nuts or sprinkle nuts over the chocolate drizzles. Chill to firm up the chocolate and place the sweet treats in mini muffin papers.

Peanut butter eggs

What would Easter be without peanut butter eggs? Mm-hmm, that’s what I thought. For a healthier option, try making your own with recognizable ingredients and less sugar. Consider using almond butter for a more nutritious spin on this classic favorite.

Lollipops, Jellybeans, and Gummies, oh my!

Again, holidays were made for the occasional indulgence. So, consider these sweet treats that use natural juices for flavor and color, including:

  • YumEarth Organic Gummy Fruits
  • Trader Joe’s Organic Pops
  • Surf Sweets Organic Jellybeans
  • Black Forest Organic Gummy Bears.

A different kind of bunny

Skip the milk chocolate bunny but keep the fun Easter bunny reference with Annie’s Organic Cheddar Bunnies or Annie’s Organic Bunny Grahams that come in a variety of great flavors.  Tuck in a crop of bagged mini carrots, just for fun. 

Remember, not all Easter basket contents have to be edible.

  • Outside play accessories: With the promise of warm weather just ahead, fun items such as sidewalk chalk, bubbles, squirt guns, frisbees, a sand pal and scoop, a jump rope, and even pool toys will elicit excitement from children anxious to get outside and play.
  • A character-inspired cup, water bottle, or lunch tote: This past Christmas, the hottest gifts in the “Christmas Bingo” prize box were the assortment of character-inspired plastic cups complete with matching lids and straws. These nifty beverage holders were snapped up even before the few candy treats among the bingo prizes.
  • Coupons: Activities and events make great gifts for kids of any age. Create coupons for “Dinner and a movie,” a “Zoo Day,” “Lunch with Grandpa & Grandma,” an “Afternoon of Fishing.” Tailor the endless possibilities to the likes of each child for a uniquely personal touch. To be used after Covid19, of course.

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