Resume Format: Functional

A Functional Resume is a skills-based resume that highlights your skills rather than work history. This format is meant to allow readers to quickly visualize what the applicant is capable of doing, not where they learned to do it. This format allows you to show your future employers your skills and abilities, painting a picture of all that you can and will bring to the company.

Because this type of resume is focused on your skills, you want to make sure the skills you have on your resume are relevant to the job you are applying for. List your most valuable and relevant skills first, you want the hiring manager to see those first! You want to show case your professional skills. The goal of this resume format is to show your future employer you have the professional skills they are looking for, rather than years of work experience.


This format is great for students just graduating college with little experience, professionals that are entering a new field of work, or professionals with large gaps between work. The functional format allows candidates to highlight their transferable skills.


The functional resume format does have a few disadvantages. It does not show the whole picture, it is hard to understand a candidate’s full career story because it is not laid out in a linear fashion. Hiring managers or recruiters may be weary when they see a function resume because it gives them the sense that the candidate is trying to hide inconsistent career growth or spotty work experience.


Contact Information:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Email, Telephone Number

Summary Statement/ Objective Statement:

  • This is your opportunity to speak to your unique abilities and skills. This section should be 2-4 sentences long.

Qualifications/Professional Skills:

  • This is the focal point of your resume!! Brainstorm 3 or 4 relevant skills that apply directly to the position you are applying for. For Example, Customer Service, Sales, and Management can be your professional skills you want to highlight and underneath each skill you want to make a bulleted list that includes practical applications of each.
  • You can look at the job positing to verify the skills the company will be looking for when reviewing your resume.
  • You can also add your work accomplishments in this section ( even better if they can be measured in metrics that are industry approved!!)


  • University/college name
  • Major
  • Degree
  • Graduation year
    • If you are a recent graduate you can consider adding your GPA to this section

Work Experience :

  • List your work experience in reverse- chronological order
    • Job Title, Dates of Employment, Company, and Location

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