Resume Format: Functional

A Functional Resume is a skills-based resume that highlights your skills rather than work history. This format is meant to allow readers to quickly visualize what the applicant is capable of doing, not where they learned to do it. This format allows you to show your future employers your skills and abilities, painting a pictureContinue reading “Resume Format: Functional”

Resume Format: Chronological

When using the Chronological Resume format, you work in reverse chronological order. This format focuses primarily on your work experience. It is a fact-based layout that allows employers to quickly skim over and get an understanding of your qualifications and experience. It is considered to be one of the easier formats because it is dictatedContinue reading “Resume Format: Chronological”

First time applying for a position with us?

Are you new to Medical Temporaries? Are you unsure of the steps you need to take in order to apply? Don’t fret! This blog is perfect for you! Let’s start with what should become your best friend, our website! The “Career Opportunities” tab is where you will go to look at our open positions. YouContinue reading “First time applying for a position with us?”

Interview Etiquette

We have all been taught from a young age to use good manners, whether we were in a restaurant or sitting in a classroom. Good manners should always be practiced, no if’s, and’s, or but’s. That rule stands true for interviews as well! Here are 2 interview etiquette reminders! Dress to impress! Dress professionally andContinue reading “Interview Etiquette”

Quick Reminder!

Medical Temporaries/Allstaff Pros is your employer, any absences or anticipated tardiness must be reported by calling before your scheduled work time. Continue calling until you are able to speak to someone at the agency either by calling our office (757) 491-7766 or one of our on call cell numbers.Calling the site directly or just leaving a messageContinue reading “Quick Reminder!”

Staying Motivated!

With the cold weather slowly approaching, we all start to frantically pull out our fuzzy socks, cozy sweaters, and stretchy pants. We start getting ourselves ready for “hibernation mode”. Cold weather means staying inside, bundling up with comfy blankets, and drinking copious amounts of hot chocolate, with an abundance of marshmallows. Getting out of bedContinue reading “Staying Motivated!”