3 Mental Health Coping Strategies for These COVID-19 Times

Six months ago, terms like self-isolation, shelter-in-place, and yes, social distancing had no place in everyday vocabulary. Now these phrases pepper nearly every conversation around the clock, across the globe. While these necessary measures protect our physical health in this time of viral crisis, they can wield a damaging blow to our mental and emotionalContinue reading “3 Mental Health Coping Strategies for These COVID-19 Times”

Bringing Awareness to the Need for Blood Donations

“Someone’s blood saved my life and made my mom smile – was that you?” – A five-year-old kid January is National Blood Donor Month. Unfortunately, wintery weather and the expected instances of flu and colds create obstacles that often hamper donors’ ability to give and challenge the annual drive’s efforts to collect life-saving donations. “TensContinue reading “Bringing Awareness to the Need for Blood Donations”

Career Goals Check-Up for 2020

You know the poking nudge you get each January to reflect on your professional life? The prodding you often try to tamp down or ignore altogether? Well, considering that this January not only launches a new year, but a new decade, now is the time to give serious thought to your career. Are you happyContinue reading “Career Goals Check-Up for 2020”

Professional Do’s and Don’ts for the Healthcare Workplace

Maintaining a high standard of professionalism has long been a key concern for healthcare facilities. Meeting, and where possible, exceeding the consumers’ expectations remain uppermost in the minds of forward-thinking organizations – and for good reason. To discount the importance of professionalism can impact a facility’s success as well as the future careers of theContinue reading “Professional Do’s and Don’ts for the Healthcare Workplace”

4 Reasons to Pursue a Career in Healthcare Management

With healthcare remaining one of the fastest-growing sectors in the nation, the field of healthcare management offers a career path with a lengthy list of perks. A review of the stats confirms the wisdom in pursuing a career path in this burgeoning field. An 18% growth in all healthcare occupations from 2016 to 2026, predictedContinue reading “4 Reasons to Pursue a Career in Healthcare Management”

The Critical Role of CNAs

The certified nursing assistant is one of the most vital roles in the world of healthcare, yet many folks remain uninformed about this critical role, while others view the position of CNA as too low on the totem pole to be of much importance—a notion that couldn’t be further from the truth. CNAs perform aContinue reading “The Critical Role of CNAs”

5 Reasons to Consider a Job in Healthcare

According to the Bureau for Labor Statistics, the healthcare sector created one in every seven new jobs in the United States in 2018, amounting to 346,000 jobs, up from 284,000 jobs created in 2017. As the curtain closed 2018, more than 16.2 million people worked in the healthcare sector, accounting for nearly 11% of all jobsContinue reading “5 Reasons to Consider a Job in Healthcare”

Maximizing the New Hire’s Experience

The first days, weeks, even months on a new job can be an overwhelming experience, even for the most qualified, enthusiastic new hire. There’s so much to learn, so many new faces and personalities to remember. An entire company of people, policies, and procedures with which to become familiar. Is it any wonder that newContinue reading “Maximizing the New Hire’s Experience”