3 Mental Health Coping Strategies for These COVID-19 Times

Six months ago, terms like self-isolation, shelter-in-place, and yes, social distancing had no place in everyday vocabulary. Now these phrases pepper nearly every conversation around the clock, across the globe. While these necessary measures protect our physical health in this time of viral crisis, they can wield a damaging blow to our mental and emotionalContinue reading “3 Mental Health Coping Strategies for These COVID-19 Times”

The WHY, WHEN, and HOW of Hand Washing

Each first full week of December, Henry the Hand promotes National Hand Washing Week. His mission? To bring awareness of how hand washing is the best way to prevent epidemics and pandemics. Henry reminds us that it’s the direct contamination of mucous membranes—our eyes, nose, or mouth—that allow infectious disease(s) to enter our body. CheckContinue reading “The WHY, WHEN, and HOW of Hand Washing”

Promote a Safe and Healthy Halloween

As workers in the healthcare field, it’s essential to take advantage of opportunities to advocate for the safety of your patients. This October take time to promote a safe and healthy Halloween by sharing these reminders with the parents and families you encounter. Quizzing young patients and families about their fright night plans will openContinue reading “Promote a Safe and Healthy Halloween”

Back-to-School Tips for the Family

Across the country, store shelves are depleted of school supplies as the clang of the school bell signals the start of another year of learning. The days of carefree fun in the sun will slowly transform into the structured pattern we tucked away for the summer Help the entire family ease back into the school-yearContinue reading “Back-to-School Tips for the Family”

Self-Care and the Healthcare Professional

“Self-care is crucial for optimal health and wellness, especially for integrative health professionals who spend their days committed to helping other people heal. It can be rewarding work. And, it can also be draining,” reminds the American College of Healthcare Sciences. Although few would argue with the above advice, the issue of those employed inContinue reading “Self-Care and the Healthcare Professional”

Strategies to Combat Stress for Health Care Workers – Part II

While most people would not argue with the stats indicating the healthcare industry is a high-stress-level field, that doesn’t mean both organizations and individuals should accept the situation as inevitable. To merely shrug, nod, and move onto a more interesting topic will do nothing to combat this serious issue that affects health care services toContinue reading “Strategies to Combat Stress for Health Care Workers – Part II”

Good Shoes – Great Day

Few would argue with the statement: when your feet hurt, everything hurts. Once your feet voice pain, it doesn’t take long for the rest of your body to start complaining, too. Often the culprit is standing on hard surfaces such as concrete, marble, and tile floors that result in foot, leg, and low back pain,Continue reading “Good Shoes – Great Day”

Preventing Emotional Burnout in your Healthcare Staff

Employment in the healthcare industry offers many opportunities for challenging, rewarding work. The flipside to this satisfying work is that chronic exposure to life and death issues and other common scenarios such as long hours and heavy workloads can take a mental and emotional toll. Factor in the ongoing challenge of understaffing that many facilitiesContinue reading “Preventing Emotional Burnout in your Healthcare Staff”