The HOW and WHY of Exit Interviews

“Managers tend to blame their turnover problems on everything under the sun, while ignoring the crux of the matter: people don’t leave jobs; they leave managers.”                                                           Continue reading “The HOW and WHY of Exit Interviews”

6 Strategies Toward Conflict Resolution in the Workplace

“If we manage conflict constructively, we harness its energy for creativity and development.”                                                                                       – Kenneth Kaye Conflict in the workplace is inevitable. Personalities will clash. Disagreements will erupt. Stress will escalate minor irritations into mountains of maddening frustration. Cue lashing out and arguments that impede teamwork, productivity, and, ultimately, may hamper customer relations. TheContinue reading “6 Strategies Toward Conflict Resolution in the Workplace”

A Summer “Stress Check-up”

If you’re thinking the words “summer” and “stress” paired together in the same sentence must be an oxymoron, rested assured those two words do indeed have something in common. Yes, we look forward to the “lazy days of summer,” complete with visions of the pool, the beach, backyard BBQs, and vacations. Especially after the likesContinue reading “A Summer “Stress Check-up””

Focus on Dad’s Health this Father’s Day

Before President Nixon signed a measure creating a permanent national holiday to observe Father’s Day the third Sunday of each June, the paternal holiday received sporadic attention. The 1972 declaration “urging the people of the United States to offer public and private expressions of Father’s Day to the abiding love and gratitude they have forContinue reading “Focus on Dad’s Health this Father’s Day”

Treat Mom Right This Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is fast approaching. Have you decided on just the right gift to show Mom or the mother of your child(ren) how much you love and appreciate her and all she does, all year long? If you’re leaning toward the standard fragrant, colorful bouquet and dinner out, consider adding a little something to theContinue reading “Treat Mom Right This Mother’s Day”

4 Strategies to Enjoy Greater Job Engagement

We know job engagement matters. Research shows that higher engagement impacts a plethora of positive outcomes including individual job performance and team effectiveness as well as customer satisfaction ratings.  “When you feel engaged at work, you’re energized, focused, and motivated to do better. And that energy spreads – you’re a joy to be around! And not justContinue reading “4 Strategies to Enjoy Greater Job Engagement”

Managing Seasonal Affected Disorder

It’s January. It’s cold and dreary. The anticipation and joy of the holidays have long passed. There is nothing bright about your spirit or the view of winter stretched out before you. While it’s common to feel a sort of letdown after Christmas, even a bit of lethargy and a blah mood as winter loomsContinue reading “Managing Seasonal Affected Disorder”

Beat the Post-Christmas Blues

A collective sigh has or soon will settle over your home. The festivities of the holidays have come to an end. Soon, the holiday décor, along with the cheer and good tidings that make Christmas a special time of year, will get tucked away. And if you’re not careful, the sigh of either relief thatContinue reading “Beat the Post-Christmas Blues”

Bringing Holiday Cheer to Patients and Residents

It’s no fun to be sick or confined to the hospital, ever, but being ill at Christmas time is the worst. Missing out on holiday events and not being at the family gathering, while being cooped up in a hospital room, far away from the general fun, excitement, and joy that surrounds Christmas is indeedContinue reading “Bringing Holiday Cheer to Patients and Residents”

Thanksgiving & Healthy Make a Great Pair

Let’s face it. No one wants to think about dieting when it comes to Thanksgiving Dinner. With visions of decades-old family recipes dancing in ones’ head, most folks purge all thoughts of healthy eating and plan to indulge to their heart’s content at the annual family Thanksgiving dinner. While a one-day hiatus from healthy eatingContinue reading “Thanksgiving & Healthy Make a Great Pair”