Is your Resume organized?

Resumes are so important, when a hiring manager is going through a stack of resumes, they are not going to sit and search through a messy resume to find your experience. Their job is to find and hire qualified employees to fill areas of need within their company. This is a time sensitive task; this is why having a well organized and clear resume is so important! Over the next few weeks we are going to cover the three main ways to organize your resume to present yourself and your skills in the best possible way!

Today we are going to introduce the 3 most used organizational layouts for a resume. They are chronological, Functional, and Combination. The Chronological resume is a timeline of your work experience and education listed present to past, reverse chronological order. You want your most recent experience at the top of your resume and then you want to work backwards, this is because usually your most recent jobs are the most relevant to the position you are applying for. This layout is used to show growth and development in a particular field.

A functional resume highlights your skills and accomplishments and deemphasizes your work history. This is usually used by people entering a new industry where they do not have much work experience, but they do have an abundance of transferable skills. If you have held multiple jobs in a relatively short period of time this is also a format you may want to consider because it focuses not on the length of time you were employed but instead the skills, you used and acquired while working. One of the most important things to remember when using a Functional resume is for every skill you list you must provide specific examples for how you have employed said skill.

A Combination/Modified resume is exactly what it sounds like, a mix of the two formats previously mentioned! You list your work experience in reverse chronological order, while also highlighting important skills and accomplishments you have gained throughout your various positions. This format allows hiring managers to quickly look at your work experience timeline while also grabbing their attention with your relevant qualifications and accomplishments.

Check in with us throughout the next couple of weeks as we will be diving deeper into these three resume formats.

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